16.06.2008 - BNS

16.06.2008 - Autolink expands its activities to the Baltics, Russia and CIS countries.

The Finished Vehicle Logistic company Autolink is now able to provide car manufacturers and distributors a complete service including terminal handling, storage and transportation by rail or truck to the Baltic countries, Russia and CIS, from the Estonian port of Paldiski South Harbour.

The new company is already in operation from the terminal in Paldiski, with distribution by trucks in all the three Baltic countries and transit into Russia and CIS by covered rail wagons. Autolink Baltics AS – a joint venture between Autolink Group, Norway and Baltic Maritime Logistics Group, Estonia – will acquire CF&S Vehicle Logistics OÜ, CF&S Rail OÜ, MBJ-Holding OÜ and continue their existing business under the brand name Autolink. Existing customers will continue to receive the service the companies provided in the past.

CF&S Vehicle Logistics OÜ is operating with wholly owned trucks, delivering the vehicles to the Baltic markets.
CF&S Rail OÜ is operating with its own fleet of railwagons organising the transport of vehicles to Russia and other CIS countries. The company has signed a contract of delivery of additional seventy five railwagons in order to meet customer demand.

MBJ-Holding OÜ owns a 35% stake in Autolink’s competitor Avelon PDI Services, also operating a terminal in Paldiski South Harbour. This 35% stake will be offered to Avelon. If the offer is declined, Autolink Baltics AS will resume a position as a passive owner. Autolink Baltics main business activities will be: storage, PDI, PPO and customs clearance from the new terminal in Paldiski South Harbour – one of biggest ro-ro ports in the Baltics, owned by Port of Tallinn. Autolink Baltics is fully operational from day one with a 15 000 sqm car terminal in Paldiski.

A long term rental agreement with the Port of Tallinn allows Autolink Baltics to expand its operation by converting an additional 50 000 sqm land into a comprehensive modern vehicle logistics facility, to be developed in 2009. The transportation competencies and local knowledge in the region represented by Baltic
Maritime Logistic Group combined with the railway and terminal handling/PDI knowledge by Autolink Group, Autolink Baltics is confident it will deliver high quality solutions to the market.
For more information please contact

CEO - Lars Olsen
Autolink Group AS
Email: lars.olsen@autolink.as
Mobile: +47 92019861

CEO – Tarmo Nurmetalo
Baltic Maritime Logistic Group AS
Email: tarmo.nurmetalo@bmlg.ee
Mobile: +372 5019576